Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Courts Falter ... When Access To Law Is Absent ... When Justice Is Fragile

OCCUPIED is about being Pro-Active in defining and developing the socio-economic fabric of your community ... In simple terms, it is about FAIRNESS and something called the RULES of NATURAL JUSTICE ... Sometimes it is absent and must be found ... sometimes it is found and must be secured ... and, sometimes, in securing it to the ISSUE there must be a dispute, whose settlement Terms & Conditions must arise through venues of risk and uncertainty : this is where GOODNESS lies in wait of being rescued. [see ; TC Occupation Law]

Touchstone Committee established this BLOG for the purpose of ensuring that there remains in the minds of all those involved in an ISSUE of CONTENTION or CONFRONTATION that WE are ALL accountable at some point for our actions.

The linked PAGES - i.e., STRATEGIES - that you will discover here are an invitation into knowledge and the use of this new information for constructive purpose - otherwise, we simply have tyranny.

Today, in 2010, one very outstanding socio-economic issue is the question of liabilities of BED BUG INFESTATIONS. Please, see our Pages references in the sidebar for WAYS & MEANS of establishing Natural Justice on this issue - one that reaches very high economic and physiological costs; and, where there is still needed a significant injection of R&D funding to determine the clear impact of potential infectious transmission vectors; especially, regarding heart disease / hepatitis / HIV.

Thank you for reviewing these resources. In the event that we may assist you further; then, please CONTACT us. This is a humanitarian service; there are no fees.

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